Research and Development

Novin Shemsh Company has been designed and organized by employing its professional experts in the Research and Development Unit as a tool for cooperation with other units in order to build operational closed cycles in the field of the market, production process, increase production knowledge, and even increasing the specialized and professional skills of managers and staff.

Increasing productivity and efficiency of products and production methods

Fix production problems

Improving the quality of products

Reduction of production waste and utilize and reuse them with scientific methods

Creating information and research systems

Replacement of better quality and more economical raw materials

Facilitating the production process in order to reduce the difficulty of work as well as reduce potential risks

Creation and development of new products and new production processes to satisfy market needs

 Continuous checking and communicating with other domestic and foreign manufacturers

Applying and producing the results of activities and research in production units

Establish relations with other organizations’ research and development units