Provide assistance and protecting environment by Novin Shemsh Company

The sections are ready for use after cooling and sufficient strength. They are transported to various factories, where they are used as raw materials for the production of new products. Once the products made of these brass sections reach the end of their useful life, the process of purchasing scraps of brass and other metals and recycling them is repeated again.

The process of purchasing scraps of brass and collecting them is different compared to other materials due to the high value of these scraps. For this reason, it is sold in scrapyards rather than sent to landfills.

Purchasing and recycling brass scraps include separating these metals from mixed metals or other rubbishes.

In the recycling process, magnets and sensors are used to help separate metals from other materials.

In order to ensure the high quality and pollution-free final product, purification operations are performed.

Bag Filters

One of the most efficient and economical types of filters is bag filters, which are used to remove dust produced in the industry. In this device, dust particles are separated from the air and the purified air exits from the filter, this device has been operated since 2016 in the Novin Shemsh factory.

The purpose of launching bag filters

The purpose of lunching bag filter is eliminate or purify and control pollution due to metal smelting operations such as lead and evaporative pollution in smelting furnaces, protection of human resources as company assets against health hazards in the workplace, including toxic and harmful pollutants, and also diseases caused by work due to modifying the ventilation system and establishment of a new air purification system based on engineering knowledge.

The project’s implementation necessity

Air pollution, especially in industrial environments, often causes side effects such as allergies, asthma, headaches, stress, progeria, cancer, fatigue, lack of energy, depression, sleepiness, respiratory disorders, heart diseases, and reducing workers’ efficiency in the workplace.

Legal Necessity

According to the executive instructions of the Value-Added Tax Law, Article 38, Note 1, approved on 1392/04/02, all natural and legal persons are required to comply with environmental standards.

Humanitarian’s Necessity

Environmental protection and improvement is an important issue, which affects individuals’ well-being and economic development around the world. This is the necessary demand of all people around the world and the duty of all governments.